The Optimum Use of Indeed Through ORM

Posted on Dec 27, 2022



·        A little about Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation management is basically a system that regulates what people tell and talk about a product, brand or company. It involves taking a hold of the reviews/comments and impressions so as to build more interest and trust in people. Deploying online reputation management can aid in increasing an online presence and sales for ones business through positive publicity and the right perception creation.


To be precise, a major factor affecting the company's revenue is its reputation on different online platforms. Hence, today, most companies concentrate intensely towards promotional activities, marketing, and improving their online reputation, which in turn helps grow their business in various areas.

·        Indeed for ORM

In this blog, we will talk about the Indeed platform, which benefits the businesses by serving as a suitable platform for online reputation management. It is considered as “one of the best job sites all around the world having over 25 crores of peerless visitors, every month!”

It comes along with many features, thus bringing opportunities for job seekers by providing them free access to search for jobs suiting best for their resumes, allowing them to post resumes, and search for the best-suited companies.

So, what is the prime objective of using Indeed? How can it serve to enhance one’s business reputation online?

-         Indeed for employers:

Indeed allows and assists the employers to find their next hire. Such offerings from Indeed helps the employers to create their online presence more efficiently and systematically.

On Indeed, you can post a job, free as well as a through a sponsor. Also, you can sponsor jobs from your career site or ATS as well. Hence, money is no issue if you don't want to opt for sponsor jobs by indeed.

Also, you can level up your company's image through indeed. It plays a vital role in online reputation management, where Indeed gives your brand recognition when you go for a sponsored job by Indeed. Here, in the sponsored job by Indeed, it displays the logo of the company, which makes it easy for the job seeker to identify your company. This Featured Employer logo has around 8% higher click-through rate (CTR), owning a 10% higher Apply Start rate.

It also allows you to elevate your brand presence, where you can connect with job seekers and map the results of your branding endeavors by having free access to Indeed Company Pages Premium.

An employer with Company Pages Premium gets access for producing customized content, posting a review or an instant job opening, increase ratings on Indeed, and much more.

But, creating an online reputation for yourself over Indeed won’t work unless you have proper guidance and skills. The jobs that you will be posting over Indeed must provide a clear idea about the requirements you are looking for.

A useful thing about indeed is that it helps you transform into a front runner in your job market.

-         Why Indeed

ü  Find your ideal candidate quickly -

Indeed allows excellent sponsored options for employers who are on the lookout to go faraway in their search for an ideal candidate. This option is available only for sponsored, so you may have to find alternate ways of chasing for the right talent pool swiftly.

ü You can post jobs for absolutely free -

Employers who are short on a budget in their search for candidates, no worries, you can post a job for free on Indeed. 

ü Reach the maximum job seekers every day -

Indeed offers employers a broad and assorted talent pool of job seekers.

ü  Display your employer brand -

Employer branding is becoming more and more valuable to many businesses for talent attraction. Indeed offers businesses the ability to build a company page for free where you can:

-         Display your jobs

-         Upload company photos

-         Reply to employer reviews

-         Add your company information.


Now, let’s check out the other side,

Mostly, any candidate who has a specific company and job requirement in mind, will go through the review and rating section of the company profile. Today, everything that matters is the reputation of the company; which if not maintained rightly on any online platform, it becomes way challenging for a company to withstand. It is here that you may have to stay clear from any negative reviews and low ratings. One negative review is enough to ruin a company's hard earned reputation. And, if not done rightly, the company might even lose its existence.

So, you can hold enough profits by having your presence on Indeed, but may also have to face losses, if your profile is not up to the mark.

Mostly, candidates prefer reading those reviews and ratings that are written by the former employees of the companies. Therefore, if any of the reviews sounds offensive, it needs to be updated with assertive polishing.

·        ORM services from IBRANDtech

 To bring you out of such critical situations like the one mentioned above, - IBRANDtech offers multiple tailor-made solutions for your Indeed based ORM needs. Comprising of –

-         Enhancing Ratings of the profile, if rating less than 4.1

-         Updating reviews

-         Removing negative reviews, especially the offensive ones, and more.


We have expertise in not just Indeed-based ORM, but that of other widely used platforms as well. Let us know your needs, and we would come up with suitable solutions. If required, our experts can also advise you. It’s IBRANDtech for a complete range of ORM solutions.

After all, your reputation builds ours!

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