Mindhive: Curse from the Malice v1.5 Part 2 - Improvements+ Changelog

Posted on Feb 22, 2023

  • Medusa Forest now has it's own music track!
  • Some NPC's will now have a sound effect in the beginning their dialogue indicating their voice (Only 2 Different Sounds Currently)
  • Medusa Caverns has been given a makeover with more detail and a reworked mechanic.
  • Meridian Tower has been renamed to "Medusa Fortress"
  • With the addition of it's name change, Meridian Tower has gotten a huge overhaul, go check it out!
  • More trees have been spotted growing throughout Ordinia and it's surrounding regions
  • The game now has a new and improved icon
  • Redesigned Medusa Fortress exterior to better fit the actual interior scale


  • Fixed a silly bug that allowed the player to go through a certain type of tree
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to teleport to an unfinished area saved for the last part of the update.... yikes
  • Fixed some trees that were missing their tops