New Text Document - Feb 4, 2023

Posted on Feb 4, 2023


My name is Deonte and I’m putting in a application for the state’s position of “Heavy Equipment Technician.” I was also referred to reach out and apply from Micheal Mitchell. I come to try something new and something I would love to work with. I am a very hands on worker but also take the time to visually learn. Taking the task at first hand but always using proper discipline and actions to get the job done now matter where I go. Having a hard work ethic, it’s hard to recognized for what you do. Here I can learn and move at my own rate and I already have a jumpstart on the knowledge of vehicles. As long as I have the tools, instructions and team we can always get something done. I have much experience with cars because I knew I had to have a car. I can’t work without one. I mean I can walk but unfortunately we have seasons. The main reason to learn a car is that it teaches you that a car or vehicle can operate like our body’s and if you let just run without stop fix what you messed up.. it’ll breakdown. Though it might of broke down doesn’t mean it’s not fixable or can’t be as great. If I have a chance for a interview I hope to show you that choosing me won’t be a mistake and hopefully get to let you guys know a little more about me. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter to you.