How to Choose Your Foundation Tone

Posted on Jan 19, 2023

Unlike your lipstick, blush, or eyeshadow, you need to find the right shade of foundation that offers your skin a flawless base and suits your skin type and tone. Figuring this out can be overwhelming, thankfully here are some important things to keep in mind to narrow down on your ideal foundation tone.  

Have you found yourself looking funny with makeup on? or maybe the shade of your face isn’t the same as the shade of your neck or body? If this is the case then you’ve picked the wrong foundation. The best foundation will not only match your skin shade but make you look natural, and flawless along with covering up any imperfections and dark circles. With so many foundation shades, coverages, and finishes on the market, narrowing down the right one for you can be tough along with the tools you need to apply your foundation. 

Fortunately, here are some tips to keep in mind to help you find your perfect foundation match. 

  • Understanding your skin tone 

When it comes to choosing your Viseart foundation, your skin tone is split into three categories light, medium and deep. Most Indians have a medium skin tone that is between super dark and super light.  

If you’ve come across people saying that you have porcelain skin, then you’re someone with a fair skin tone. If your complexion is dark then you have a deep skin tone. Understanding your skin tone be it cool or warm can help you in determining the right foundation shade for you. 

  • Define your skin type 

Just like with any other product in your skincare kit, the best long lasting foundation should be picked depending on your skin type. Skin type can be divided into oily, dry, and combination, and depending on your skin type, the foundation you choose can give you a better chance of longevity. For oily skin, look for a matte and water-proof foundation that can reduce the appearance of your pores, feel light on your skin and hold back any excess shine, sweat, or oil.  

For dry skin, look for a dewy foundation that blurs imperfections, and hydrates your skin giving it a natural glow. Dewy foundations will not dry your skin and won’t crease or smudge, plus it offers you moisture and hydration all day long. Combination skin works well with satin or satin-matte liquid foundation. It will add some glow without making your face look too shiny or oily. So, do not let the liquid foundation price deter you from investing in it.   

  • Types of foundation 

The best liquid foundation isn’t a one-size-fits-all and comes in a range of formulas so that you can pick the best one to suit your needs. One of the most common foundations is a liquid one and this formula is light, easy, and blends effortlessly into your skin offering you good coverage. It also comes in a range of shades to suit your skin tone. Powder foundation can be utilized in a wet or dry form and becomes super creamy when used wet. This formula can be used easily to help set your base makeup. A foundation stick comes in a tube form and is heavier than liquid foundation and is mainly used to offer high coverage making it perfect on the go. 

Lastly, cream foundations offer you nourishing and moisturizing properties and offer you high coverage with a dewy finish. Always apply a little at a time and then build it up accordingly.  

The Bottom Line  

At the end of the day, you need to understand that foundations can appear to oxidize after a couple of minutes owing to body heat making them look a tad orange. To prevent this, you can simply swatch your foundation and wait for five minutes to see the shade of the foundation. Look for a high-end formula that is lightweight, easily blendable, and can help cover up any imperfections.  

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