New Text Document - Feb 4, 2023

Posted on Feb 4, 2023

The proper candidate to my understanding must demonstrate the following 

- Understanding fundamental social interaction skills. Communication tone ,understanding general disposition will directly impact the end result of a conversation ,proposal or mitigation effort.

- Assess  company values , policy and businesses model to make meaningful judgements  not just better service  the customer but  to retain employees , and co-workers . Turnover rates are one of the most fundamental problems with  company's 
experience.  Employees on average that leave within a 90 day period cost companies thousands in training and scheduling conflicts. On average a majority of  90 day turnover losses are do to a management concerns.  Happy employees who feel respected do not leave. 
Understands the needs of clients  or workload by creating and following plans based on strengths and weaknesses on a consistent basis will result in faster output and employee retention. Employees in a position of leadership must understand how to connect with employees in a meaningful/ professional  way  . retention is the key to sustainable practices and keeping the brand consistent. 

 -Have the ability and willingness to learn and grow as a company grows and adapts to its clients. 

Real world knowledge of running and coordinating a plan of action .

Understand how to follow and build a chain of command . A leader should not just be able to give orders but to follow orders when necessary or to take criticism that will improve quality of production . 

I do my best to demonstrate a understanding of these concepts in everything I do. Success is achieved by doing more than what is asked and following these basic principles has allowed me thus far to do so. I am currently seeking to expand my success by being a part of your organization thank you for your time