How to Make Use of a Highlighter

Posted on Jan 31, 2023

Applying highlighter makeup can provide your skin with a lovely color increase and improve your bone structure as well. Highlighter simply takes a few seconds to use because you simply apply it to a few small spaces of your face. Nevertheless, just a few dabs of highlighter can brighten up your whole face. Even if you are new to using makeup, learning to use a highlighter is effortless. 

What Is Highlighter Makeup? 

A highlighter is a product that is usually used to make different characteristics on your face stand out. It can have several various jobs in your makeup look — it all comes down to where you place it. One of its main uses is to support you add some glimmer and warmth to your face and décolletage, but it’s again used to contour facial treatments. You can furthermore use a highlighter and contour paletteto brighten parts of the face by enticing light to them.   

Highlighter is like the cherry on top of any stunning makeup look. Whether you go the more realistic route or for a full glam look, a highlighter contour palette is invariably an essential step to add dimension. At one point, bathing in highlighter was even a famous social media trend that has (thankfully) shifted to a less-is-more approach. The highlighter doesn’t belong everywhere and glances much better when applied strategically and with a lighter hand. 

Read on as we share the promising highlighters to add to your collection, plus, tips on where to use highlighters like a pro and where to evade placing them. 

How to Use Highlighter Makeup? 

Achieving the light you want comes down to the formula you choose and where you use it. If you like cream or liquid-based highlighters, employing your fingers is key to those types of products. The heat from your hands assists bakes the product into the skin. Cream and liquid highlighters do a tremendous job at melting into the skin, but always commence with clean hands and use your fingertips to lightly press the liquid formula into the high points of your face for a seamless, natural glow. 

If cream products intimate you, highlight and contour palette are also incredible, particularly when you have oily skin. When working with a powder formula, use light application with a medium-sized fluffy blush, which will help to scatter and mix the highlighter onto the high points, creating a diffused glow versus a sharp line of shimmer. 

The overdone highlighting trend may be so in 2017, but skin that shines and glances radiant will invariably be in. The key to accomplishing natural-looking radiance through highlighter palette is preferring the right formula and apprehending the best placement. With the right type of product in your makeup vanity and the right way to use it, you can surely be one of the best at the party!  

There isn’t a good way and a wrong way to glow. But there may be an adequate option at a fair highlighter price for your skin sort or the look you’re going for. Eventually, it’s up to you which highlighter you choose and what you like; Mixing and matching highlighter shades can be useful when trying to find the largely flattering one for your skin tone.  

With the Viseart Official highlighter contour palette, you get four powder shades that deliver a soft, lit-from-within glow that you can easily build up when you want additional intensity.