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Posted on Mar 15, 2023

  1. Who is Smit Saylani? Smit Saylani is a name used to refer to the IT training courses offered by Saylani Mass IT Training.

  2. What is Saylani Mass IT Training? Saylani Mass IT Training is an organization that offers various IT training courses.

  3. What types of IT training does Saylani Mass IT Training offer? Saylani Mass IT Training offers training in web and mobile application development, graphic designing, video animation, certified computer accountancy, certified computer operator, Type Script, Flutter, and AI chat board.

  4. How can I enroll in Saylani Mass IT Training? You can enroll in Saylani Mass IT Training by visiting their website or contacting them through their contact information.

  5. Is Saylani Mass IT Training available online? Yes, Saylani Mass IT Training offers both online and offline training options.

  6. Who is Naveed Abdul Razzak? Naveed Abdul Razzak is one of the Founder Trustees of Saylani Mass IT Training.

  7. How can I donate to Saylani? You can donate to Saylani by bank transfer, PayPal, debit card, Just Giving, or by visiting their website.

  8. What is Just Giving? Just Giving is a platform that allows you to donate to Saylani and other organizations while also being able to benefit from Gift Aid.

  9. What is Gift Aid? Gift Aid is a tax relief system in the UK that allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated.

  10. Who is the owner of Saylani? Saylani Welfare International Trust is headed by spiritual and religious scholar Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri.

  11. What is the mission of Saylani? The mission of Saylani is primarily to feed the poor and homeless.

  12. Where is the headquarters of Saylani located? The headquarters of Saylani is located at A-25, Bahadurabad Chowrangi Karachi, Pakistan.

  13. What is UAN? UAN stands for Universal Access Number and is a telephone number that is usually toll-free for the caller.

  14. What is the UAN for Saylani? The UAN for Saylani is 111-729-526.

  15. What is the cell phone number for Saylani? The cell phone number for Saylani is +92-311-1729526.

  16. What is the USA contact number for Saylani? The USA contact number for Saylani is +1(716)941 7792.

  17. What is the UK contact number for Saylani? The UK contact number for Saylani is (+44)115 970 6256.

  18. What is the meaning of Smit in Smit Saylani? Smit stands for Saylani Mass IT Courses.

  19. What is web development? Web development is the process of creating websites or web applications.

  20. What is mobile application development? Mobile application development is the process of creating applications that can run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

  21. What is graphic designing? Graphic designing is the process of creating visual content to communicate messages or ideas.

  22. What is video animation? Video animation is the process of creating animated videos using computer software.

  23. What is certified computer accountancy? Certified computer accountancy is a program that teaches accounting and finance skills using computer software.

  24. What is certified computer operator? Certified computer operator is a program that teaches basic computer skills and how to operate a computer.

  25. What is Type Script? Type Script is a programming language that is a superset of JavaScript.

  26. What is Flutter? Flutter is a mobile