Achieving ORM Specific Goals through Trustpilot

Posted on Dec 3, 2022



To begin with, we will like to share with you, the impacts of a hampered reputation. Although it may sound a bit negative to start with, it is necessary to be aware and realize the importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM).

·         What can a hampered reputation result into


-          Your brand/business loosing trust and credibility

-          Loss of revenue which could lead to losses

-          Negative impact on the perception of your customers

-          Trouble in finding the right talent to work for you

Guess what? A single bad review is sufficient to carry out this damage!

These are just the major ones listed here. So, now you can understand the seriousness of keeping your online reputation intact.


Trustpilot is one of those leading platforms that allows individuals to share their experiences, basically in the form of reviews. It is right here that one can share and express his/her feelings and experiences on one side, while on the other, companies/employers can create better experiences. So, it is Trustpilot where businesses and individuals come together for better experiences.

The very reason why we at IBRANDtech target Trustpilot for the sake of your Online Reputation Management.

·         What’s on offer from Trustpilot?

Here is what Peter Holten Mühlmann, the founder and CEO of Trustpilot says, “I started Trustpilot to give all consumers a powerful voice and all companies a way to listen, respond and continually improve. That builds trust because this happens in a transparent environment with no pre-moderation or censorship.”

It is considered to be the most powerful platform which is not just open to everyone, but free as well!

-          Bringing together both companies and consumers such that they can collaborate, share and improve continuously.

-          Trustpilot is open to all the companies and consumers. Not just this, it is independent of both of them and transparent as well.    

-          Experience sharing in the form of reviews posting

-          Company comparison

-          Facility to read/write reviews and find companies

-          With individuals finding companies, there is every

“Grow brand trust and show brand trust” is what they promote and practice. Your brand specific reviews on Trustpilot means getting nearer to your customers and eventually carry your business forward. 

Features from Trustpilot:

-          Product reviews

-          Service reviews

-          TrustBox widgets

Additional features include,

-          Responsive design

-          Targeted TrustBox

-          Product Attribute Ratings


·         What has it earned?

Here are some of the feathers in cap for Trustpilot  

-          Reviews in excess of 116 million

-          6.16 billion monthly impressions on their TrustBox widgets

-          Number of websites reviewed - 490,000+

-          Amongst the top 1% most popular websites based on Alexa ranking

-          As many as 73.6% visitors of Trustpilot have expressed that they are more likely to go for a purchase from that website which displays Trustpilot reviews.  


·         How will Trustpilot prove to be beneficial for your reputation?

Here’s how your business/brand can benefit by having a presence on Trustpilot.

-          Reviews on this very platform would bring you closer to your customers and thus accelerate your business/brand forward.

-          A rise in the sales figures by having Trustpilot reviews on your website

-          Deploy the TrustBox widgets on your website and benefit from an increased basket size, more conversion rates and lesser cart abandonment.

-          Built-in split testing that would depict as to precisely how much sales and revenue your business has earned through the Trustpilot reviews present on your website.

-          Dynamic widgets for both your email marketing campaigns and email signature that would bring additional credibility. One that would make a huge difference.       

-          Customized review display creation


So, it is pretty clear from all of this that being there on Trustpilot would do a lot of good as far as building and maintaining the reputation of your brand/business is concerned. How is it that you can have a presence on Trustpilot if you are not there currently? Or, how can you get back your lost reputation? Or, how about building your reputation? Well, at IBRANDtech, our experts have the answers and solutions to all these questions.     


·         What role do we play?

At IBRANDtech, we have the necessary expertise that precisely knows how to make optimum use of a reviews platform like Trustpilot. It will comprise of making appropriate use of the offerings and features from Trustpilot, in order to restore your hampered reputation or create one for you.    

Here’s what we can do for you,

-          Complaint and review management in a professional manner

-          Negative reviews handling

-          Handling toxic content

-          Posting positive reviews and transforming negative ones into positive

-          Increasing your ratings to 4.1 and above, and maintaining them


This, and all that is required.



IBRANDtech is your destination, if online reputation is what you care for.


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