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Posted on Jan 23, 2023

6 Exciting Tips to Begin Your CS Practice 

Clearing the Company Secretary test is the first step to making a career in the corporate world. You may have studied for hours to pass all the CS exams, but all these efforts will go to waste if you can’t find a single client.  

A CS is responsible for ensuring the company’s compliance with corporate, statutory, and regulatory standards. With so many individuals pursuing this career, it’s obvious you will face tough competition when searching for clients. Let’s check out the 6 best tips for starting your career as a CS.  

  1. Use LinkedIn Wisely 

A vast majority of lawyers have a LinkedIn profile, but not everyone uses this platform wisely. LinkedIn is the safest social media tool for finding the most reputable clients, especially for women. Unlike other job boards, LinkedIn doesn’t have fake job offers.  

You should connect with people in your industry, like Chartered Accountants, Advocates, Cost Accountants, and other professionals. Add them to your network and build your connection.  

  1. Setup Google My Business profile 

Turning your physical office into a virtual one can help you reach out to your prospects. You can set up Google My Business profile that shows the location of your office, your working hours, and other details. This will build your local audience. Not only does it help people find you, but it provides your contact details. Nearly all CS firms in Mumbai have a GMB profile. 

  1. Get Guidance 

You may have cleared the CS exams and internships, but that doesn’t mean you should stop asking your mentors for guidance. Your tutors, especially the companies where you have done your internships, can assist you in expanding your network and finding some high-paying clients. 

  1. Use Blogs 

Blogging is an excellent way to connect with your target audience. The blogs published on your websites aren’t just for ranking purposes, but informative posts on your page play a key role in attracting the right clients. People who need help with legal matters or corporate work will find your website through these blogs and decide if they’d like to work with you. 

  1. Mention your Area of Specialization 

When you are starting, choose a specific area of service and work with clients that need help in that particular matter. For instance, if you specialize in corporate laws, find clients that need help with corporate issues, such as regulatory compliance. Most company secretary firms in Mumbai offer all kinds of accounting services. While that’s great, you should start with a specific service and expand as your clientele grows. 

  1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO might not be the fastest way to grow your CS business, but it generates great results in the long run. Most people find lawyers, accountants, and companies resolving legal matters in the Google search engine. So, setting up a website and working on your SEO can help boost your visibility. 


Social media and search engines are great for people building a career in the legal industry. Legaljini is a CS firm specializing in accounts, tax laws, regulatory and statutory compliances, and all legal matters.