How Does Fire Retardant Cable Coating Play an Important Role in Fire Prevention?

Posted on Nov 23, 2022

How Does Fire Retardant Cable Coating Play an Important Role in Fire Prevention? 


We rely heavily on electricity to power our residences, companies. If there is one thing that is making ahead into every contemporary sector of our lives, it is electricity. The global consumption of power in 2018 was a whopping 62 billion kWh per day! In multiple portions of the world, particularly in developing nations, new appliances, gizmos, and gadgets are slowly improving the load on the electrical infrastructure that was installed when the buildings were created. 

Workplace accidents report almost 13 electrocution deaths on an average day in India. This is the towering in the world. It is worth noting that the annual average of electric-related demises in workplaces in the United Kingdom and the United States is 8 and 82 respectively. The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) data ascribe almost 40 percent of deaths at the workplace to electrical problems. 

Around 42 percent of fires are induced by defective electrical systems. Flexible or improper wiring, substandard electrical fittings, and inadequate maintenance of wiring trigger most short-circuit fires. The situation is serious concerning ancient buildings where electrical infrastructure has not been boosted to bear the new load for different uses.  

Nonetheless, when it reaches short circuits, these are not merely issues. According to ICA-India, a quarter of the electricity-related casualties could be given credit to a code violation, inadequate circuit design, and inadequate wire sizing. Untrained and incompetent workers account for 20 percent of such incidents. A comparable percentage is liable for poor maintenance and obsolescence of elements. 

Electrical fires have their advent in electric wires, cords, circuit breakers, and electrical elements. More often than not such fires begin in electrical panels from clogged circuits or the age of the panel. The panel and circuits evolve overloaded when the distribution of electricity is inadequate. Lighting supplies become a dangerous source of heat when it is similarly near to easily flammable materials. 


  • Cables for Fire Safety 

The fire retardant products or fire retardant coatingarealso directed to as circuit integrity cords or fire-resistive cables – are cables competent of functioning in the existence of fire for a restricted duration under defined conditions.  

Thesefire retardant cable coatingare particularly designed to retain circuit integrity and for interconnections of varied compartments within large facilities or complexes during a fire explosion. They are fire retardant products known for their favorable factors such as excellent electrical and mechanical properties. 


  • Electrical Safety 

With increasing urbanization, issues of protection and efficiency in old buildings and upcoming housing enclaves require to be sufficiently dealt with. As we already know, the Indian Commerce Association (ICA-India), which was set up in 1998, has been reproducing safe wiring practices in the building sector with high awareness of power grade. It completes workshops across the nation in alliance with several bodies 


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It should be remarked that old homes normally had stuff like stoves, iron boxes, fans, fridges, geysers, etc. Today’s families within the same premises have attained air-conditioners, cell phones, computers, microwave cookstoves, cameras, hair dryers, hot-water bags, massagers, and varied other gadgets – and all of them require to be plugged in for frequent charging, which puts an excess burden on the system. Here is were Vijay Systems play a significant role in safeguarding you with the electrical appliances present in your premises.