06 Kitchen Vastu Tips to Increase Positive Energy

Posted on Dec 20, 2022

06 Kitchen Vastu Tips to Increase Positive Energy


Each Indian home must have a kitchen as per Vastu since it provides us with the energy we need throughout the day. Any single gadget that occupies a prominent spot in the home kitchen is significant and, if positioned by Vastu principles, may guarantee that positivity rules. The kitchen Vastu, in the opinion of holistic life expert Vastu, is indeed the finest area to enhance motivation, desire, and more and this improves overall health. 

The kitchen direction according to Vastu 

As per Vastu Shastra, the components of heaven, soil, fire, air, and water must be in harmony for your home kitchen as per Vastu to radiate positive energy. To boost the positive energy at home, you may want to update or modify some aspects of the home kitchen. 

Here are 8 crucial factors that, while creating a home kitchen according to Vastu principles, must be carefully considered: 


  1. The kitchen direction according to Vastu should be located in the southeast of your home, as per Vastu Shastra, Agni, the Indian Lord of Fire, dominates this area. However, make sure the home kitchen is not ever built facing the northeast, north, or southwest of a house because this can severely worsen relationships among family members. 

  1. Gas stoves, microwave ovens, cylinders, toasters, and other equipment must all be put in the southeastern portion of your kitchen as per Vastu since everything inside the room symbolizes fire. These items should also be set up such that cooking can be done while facing east. It claims that doing this will provide good energy. 

  1. Vastu Shastra advises against placing the kitchen's sinks with a cooking platform, which includes a cylinder or oven, on the existing platform. Parallel to one another since water and fire are antagonistic elements that might have a detrimental effect on a particular behaviour. Unintentional conflicts between partners and family and friends may result from it. 

  1. Inside the home kitchen as per Vastu, water pipelines, a washing machine, or the kitchen sink must all be situated in the northeast or north. The kitchen overhead tank should never be facing northeast or north. It is advised to position the water tanks well outside the home kitchen as per Vastu on the western portion of the home. The equilibrium between both water and fire elements must be maintained. Your health and wealth will increase if you can keep the water cycle in check. 

  1. To aid you in overcoming problems in life, the freezer or refrigerator must be placed with its doors facing southwest. This will also provide a calm atmosphere in the home kitchen Vastu. 

  1. Grain as well as other goods must be kept in the kitchen as per Vastu's southwest corner since doing so attracts luck and wealth. 

  1. Bright colours like red, yellow, and orange are utilized in the kitchen as per Vastu to promote cheerful energy. 

  1. The greatest present is nature since it helps us overcome all our issues, including tension or stress. Creating a pleasant aura in the home is indeed a simple way to reduce stress. All you need to do is leave the windows open and unlocked. Allow for cross ventilation so that the home can breathe clean, fresh air. 


A fresh coat of colour can work its magic within your home to ward off bad energy and welcome a positive aura or energy. The colours are amazing. To improve the positive aura at home, it is advised to colour your home with Vastu-compliant colours. 

"A person's environment helps set the foundation for a healthy mind and body, and Vastu Shastra offers ways to create a healthy existence." Vastu Shastra could be useful for residents' bodily and emotional well-being if properly applied. Your kitchen will be aesthetically pleasing and harmonic thanks to Saviesa Kitchens' adherence to the kitchen according to Vastu.