Press-On Nails: How To Extend Their Life

Posted on Jan 30, 2023

The makeup products that were in high demand in the 90s are back in trend. We are talking about artificial nail tips for women. If your nails do not grow fast or are not in the shape you like, you can always use press-on nails that stick to your original nails and look amazing. You can color them, get nail art, or shape them however you like.  

There are dozens of creative ways to use press-on nails, but how do you ensure that they stay adhered to your nails? These nails can last anywhere between 2-3 days to 2 weeks, but they might chip sooner, depending on the glue you have used and the quality of the nails. Let’s take a look at a few effective Forever 52 nail tips to keep your nail stick-on last. 

Buy Glue and Artificial Nails Online 

As mentioned above, the quality of the nail tips will determine how long they last. These nails are strong and durable enough to last longer but are also soft enough to be trimmed and shaped. Some cosmetic stores offer artificial nails that have glue adhered to them, while others come with nail-sticking glue.  

Either way, you should apply a thick layer of glue to the nail to ensure lasting application. Good glue should make your artificial nails stuck for a week or longer. This also comes in handy when your press-on nails chip and you need a quick fix. 

Buy the Right Size 

Your press-on nails won’t stick if they are not the right size. You need to check your original nails’ length and buy a product that’s neither too small nor too large for your original nails. Remember, artificial nails can’t stick long when they don’t match your nails’ size.  

Choose Small-sized Artificial Nails 

The best press-on nails for you depend on how you use your hands. If you do dishes, wash clothes, and do a lot of manual work, you should use small-sized nails, as they might stick longer. Long, tapered nails are for those who don’t engage in household chores often. You can choose from tons of shapes and sizes for artificial nails, but consider your routine before buying. 

Moisturize Your Nails 

Another reason your artificial nails come off within a few hours is the dirty nail bed. You need to take care of your nails and cuticle regularly to keep your nails moisturized and stick-on last longer. A manicure is a great way to moisturize your nails and the surrounding areas. Your nails must not be oily or moisturized right before you stick the artificial nails, though. They might come loose when you stick them to the oily nails. 

Finish with a Top Coat 

Finish your press-on nail application with a top coat to ensure a smoother and more lasting application. This doesn’t only make the nails last longer, but they add shine to your artificial nails. Start with nail polish and coat it with a final layer.  

Choose durable, clean, and high-quality artificial nails and apply them using the right glue to get a long-lasting application.  

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