Posted on Feb 21, 2023

Justin Suksawat

Feb 18, 2023

What is Success to me

"Success is not final

Failure is not final

It is the courage to continue that counts."

Winston S. Churchill.

       What is success to me? When I first heard the word "Success" I thought the word mean to having and easy life with lots of money. To be successful is not to have lots of money  and have an easy life, but to have things to do for the future likes hobby, sports, travel, etc. My dream to be success for the futur has change so many times, but now I have 4 things to be success for my future: Freedom, travel, hobby, and family.


   It is a good feeling to have freedom. Many people wants freedom such as myself. Having freedom help me relax and  do lots of of things.


     Traveling to other county is the best. The two place I want to travel is Japan & Thailand. In Japan I want to learn their culture, try there foods, and travel around Japan. In Thailand I want to to visite all my families there, tries foods I never had before, and explore everywhere in Thailand.


     Everyone have their own hobby. My hobby is drawing character such as cartoon/anime and video gaming. I want to be good at drawing character so I could make my own anime show. I want to try every video game there's  on computer and virtual reality or maybe become a streamer while playing games.


     The most important thing of being success is a family. Having a caring wife that help around the house and all the love I could give to her. Having my own kid to take care of from a baby to and adult. With the same DNA as you to see them grow to be successful as they grew older each years, expanding the family tree with the same blood and traits.

That's what success mean to me.