How does Voice Controlled Home Automation Help You?

Posted on Nov 23, 2022


This article talks about the benefits of voice-controlled home automation. 

The voice-controlled home automation may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but fortunately, it is now a reality. Thanks to the latest technological advancements. You will now be able to adjust your technologies just by using your voice. The joint venture between Amazon's voice recognition system also called Alexa, and the home automation companies have made it possible to turn your house into a smart home. In this article, we will be covering how home automation will help you. 


Enhance And Simplify Home's Security 

When you choose to incorporate smart home technology, the security of your house should be the top priority. With the help of thevoice controlled home automation system, you can enhance the protection of your house, from video CCTVs to access to the home. Besides enhanced security, it will simplify and make it more convenient. For example, with this technology, you can unlock your main door through your mobile device and receive an alert for your house security system. 

With the added voice control, you can make security even more straightforward. For example, you can command Alexa about any component of your house. For instance, if you are lying down for sleeping, but you are not sure whether you have locked the door or not, you can ask Alexa, and the device will tell you about the number of doors that are locked, and in case a door is unlocked, you can ask Alexa to shut it. 


No Need for Remotes 

You will no longer have to use the remote with voice-activated home automation. In the house's media room, the remote has power. If you switch your house to integrated home automation, then the remote control for the channel or volume will not suffice. You can then use it to change the shades. But with voice-controlled automation, when you lose the remote, it won't be a big deal. 


Better Mornings 

Thevoice-based home automationwill make your morning a lot easier. You can program your motorized shades that will open simultaneously as soon as your alarm goes off to help you get up easily. For example, you may have more time to sleep, and you want your alarm to turn on only some of the bedroom lights with your alarm. With voice activation control, you can ask your AI assistant to turn the lights on in the bedroom, hallways, and bathroom when ready to get up. You will not have to find and get up to turn on the lights. Your voice will be enough for it. 


Make changes as per your mood 

When you come home from a long and hectic day, your house may need to be better than you want it to be. You have been outside in the sun for hours, and your AC may need to be cooler. If your arms are full, it can be difficult to adjust. But with the help of home automation using voice control, you can easily make the changes as you walk through the door. 



Home automation is the best thing you can do to your house. It will make your house the most convenient, and you will never have to do extra chores since you can do them just by using your voice. Make sure to get the best AI assistant in the home automation system. 



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