New Text Document - Mar 2, 2023

Posted on Mar 2, 2023

    - Write notes which are then saved to the localStorage.
    - Installable on supported browsers for offline usage.
    - "Add To Home Screen" feature on Android-supported devices to launch the app from the home screen.
    - Dark mode.
    - Privacy-focused - We'll never collect your precious data.
    - Light-weight - Loads almost instantly.
    - It's open-source!

    CAUTION: Since the app uses the browser's localStorage to store your notes, 
    it's recommended that you take a backup of your notes more often using the 
    "Download Notes" button or by pressing the "Ctrl/Cmd + S" keys.



    Start writing your notes

$env:VisualStudioVersion = "17.0"
npx react-native run-windows