New Text Document - Dec 5, 2022

Posted on Dec 5, 2022

Subject :- Regarding the resumption of pre-matric scholarship scheme for minority students offered by the Central Government

Pre-Matric Scholarship Scheme is a scholarship given by the Central Government to students belonging to the minority community from class 1st to 10th. This year, the responsibility of filling the application on the National Scholarship Portal and sending it to the Center after verification was given to the Office of the Director of Education. Initially the application deadline was till 31st October and later it was extended till 5th November. But now after the verification of the applications filled by the students at the school level suddenly a circular dated 25th November 2022 has been issued on the national scholarship portal to cancel these applications. According to this circular, the students of Class I to VIII are given the benefit of free education under RTE, so they denied the benefit of pre-matric scholarship. Due to this, students belonging to minority communities from class 1st to 8th in Maharashtra will be deprived of the scholarship.

According to information, more than one million minority pre-matric scholarship applications were filled through repeated appeals. However, now after the schools have declared those applications valid, suddenly the central government has given instructions to reject these applications. Due to this, the students who got scholarship last year and applied this year have missed the scholarship, and this has created an atmosphere of concern among the parents. For this scholarship, the number of minority category students in Maharashtra has been fixed as 2 lakh 85 thousand 451. Applications of 3 lakh 82 thousand 514 new students were received till October 30 in this scheme. Last year, 7 lakh 84 thousand 151 students were given scholarships. They were required to apply through renewal this year. This year, 7 lakh 24 thousand 495 applications were filed for renewal on the NSP portal. After extension from October 31 to November 5, the number of applications increased further. But more than 75 percent of these applications are being rejected.

Respected Sir, first thousands of students applications came to Govt. But now suddenly the applications of students of class 1st to 8th have been cancelled. This is injustice to minorities. We specifically request the Government of India to reconsider this decision and look into the demand to continue the scholarship and increase the amount of the scholarship.

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Abujar Khan