Benefits of MouthShut from ORM Perspective

Posted on Dec 2, 2022




MouthShut as you might be knowing, and as claimed by them, is “India’s largest review platform with millions of unbiased reviews. Trusted by 700 million+ users” That in fact, says it all about the credibility and popularity of this platform.

No expert is required to underline the need for your brand’s presence on this platform. Also, the vital role that it would play in building and maintaining your online reputation.

·         A little about MouthShut

MouthShut happens to be a consumer-driven and product discovery platform. Users (in millions) keep on sharing their experiences about brand-specific services and products.

·         Benefits of being on MouthShut from the ORM perspective

“Take your business forward with consumer reviews” is the platform’s tagline as far as their brand feature list is concerned. With consumer reviews being at the core of a brand’s reputation, this platform can work wonders for you if optimally used.


1.       Consumer experiences in the form of reviews

The platform provides an opportunity for brands to dig into the minds of their existing and target consumers. How? Through the experiences shared by them in the form of reviews. Once aware of their taste and expectation, it becomes possible to enhance your current products and services to make them more likeable. End result? Retaining more customers and a rise in the sales.

2.       Access to a complete reputation oriented lifecycle


-          Customer will purchase your product or service

-          Verified invitations from MouthShut to your consumers, so that they can share their buying experiences easily

-          Sharing of genuine and true experience by visiting your product on MouthShut

-          Increase retention with a chance to connect to all your happy/unhappy customers

-          Customers will eventually recommend your brand through their valuable feedback


3.       Influenced consumer decision making

As claimed by the platform, “Consumer decision making is based on your MouthShut Score”. That says everything!

4.       A platform suitable for reputation guarding

Reputation helps to build a brand. With at your hand, an open interaction with your customers is made easy. Their lies your best chance to transform into a people’s brand.

5.       Fake Review Detector

A unique offering from MouthShut where it is ensured that all the activities carried out on the platform are genuine in nature. As said by them, and we quote “We pride ourselves on keeping the platform as clean as possible and creating a genuine & honest environment for all.”

What better than this?

6.       Rating facility

Put on display your MouthShut reviews/ratings on your website. Will have a major impact. The platform has got an exclusive Review Widget for the same.


These are just some of the benefits of being on India’s largest review platform.  


·         What are you losing out on as a brand?

Not having a presence on MouthShut? Or having one but not as per expectations? If either of these two is the case with your brand, then you are losing out on a number of things. Listing out a few of them, to give you an idea.

-          Retaining the present ones and acquiring new customers, and as a result an increase in the sales figures

-          A complete lifecycle that is conducive for brand reputation – both creating and building

-          Influencing the buying decisions of your prospective customers

-          A powerful platform which is optimum to secure and maintain the reputation of your brand

-          Access to a genuine and honest customer feedback and interaction environment

-          A rating for your brand. A vital and a key parameter for the sales and growth of your brand

These are in accordance with the beneficial offerings of MouthShut, which are discussed above. As far as the larger picture is concerned, it will definitely have an impact on your brand’s sales, revenue targets, trust factor, credibility etc. Eventually, the reputation will get hampered. The worst thing to happen to any brand, in today’s highly competitive market.  

Do not want this to happen?  We have the solution.



·         Our role

At IBRANDtech, we have the desired professional expertise and experience that will help you to create/build/sustain/restore your online reputation on MouthShut. Any amongst these for that matter.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that will handle for you, your MouthShut profile, to bring you the best possible results in terms of reputation building. It is achieved through customized handling of the undesired/negative reviews, brand rating enhancement to 4.1 and above, complaints management etc.

Our team will do all that is necessary under the ORM services, solely for the sake of your reputation.

Waiting to hear from you.

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