Remote Control: Exploring the Functionality and Effectiveness of Electric Skateboard Remotes

Posted on Jun 14, 2023

When you're zipping around on your electric skateboard, having an effective remote control is essential. It's your connection to the board, your way of controlling your speed and direction, and your means of staying safe. But what makes a good electric skateboard remote? What should you look for when you're shopping for a new one?

The Basics of Electric Skateboard Remotes

An electric skateboard remote is a handheld device that communicates wirelessly with your board to control its speed and direction. Typically, this involves a trigger or thumb wheel that accelerates and brakes the board, as well as buttons or sliders that control the board's various modes and settings.

One of the most important aspects of a good electric skateboard remote is its range. You want to make sure that your remote and board are always in communication, and that you don't lose control or connection when you're riding. Generally, a range of at least 10 meters is considered standard for electric skateboard remotes.

Advanced Features to Look For

In addition to range, there are several other advanced features that you may want to look for in an electric skateboard remote:

Customizable settings: Some remotes allow you to customize the acceleration and braking curves of your board, giving you more control over your riding experience.

Display screens: Higher-end remotes may come with a display screen that shows your speed, battery level, and other information about your board.

Multiple modes: Some remotes have multiple modes that allow you to switch between different riding styles or speeds, depending on your needs.

Safety features: Many remotes have safety features like a wrist strap or kill switch, which can help prevent accidents and injuries.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, choosing the right electric skateboard remote is a matter of personal preference. Some riders may prioritize range and reliability, while others may want more advanced features like customizability and display screens. Whatever your needs are, make sure to do your research and choose a remote that is right for you and your riding style.

At the end of the day, your electric skateboard remote is your lifeline to your board, and it's important to choose one that you feel comfortable and confident using. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, a high-quality remote can make all the difference in your riding experience.