What to Expect at Kids' Ski and Snowboard Camps

Posted on Dec 18, 2022

A snowboarding and skiing summer camp? Sounds contradictory. But it does exist, and it's a great method to assist your kids improve their abilities prior to hitting the winter slopes. Not to mention that attending the same old summer camps might get monotonous and tiresome.

Introduce yourself to the Shredder summer camps, a skiing and snowboarding experience where the snow is fake but the lessons are fun and applicable. During their break from school, your kids will be eager and happy to try something new.

You may be guaranteed that you and your family have access to a ski and snowboard kids camp close to you because to the convenient locations of Shredder summer camps 2023 in six different parts of Colorado. Learn more about our kid's ski camps, what to anticipate there, and why it's the best location for your kids to make the most of their summer.

A Different Take on Summer Camps

Who wouldn't want to snowboard and ski all year long? For ski and snowboard enthusiasts, hitting the slopes in the summer seems like a pipe dream. Skiing and snowboarding during the summer are now possible thanks to shredder summer camps. Using turf that has been softly misted with water to create our indoor slopes, skiers and snowboarders can descend the surface that mimics fresh powder on a snowy mountain. After practicing on artificial turf, your child will find it easier to shred down the slopes.

Strengthen Your Kid’s Ski and Snowboard Skills

Your child will become more confident about the winter ski and snowboard season by honing their skills during the summer. Whether your child is a beginner or more experienced, our summer camps help develop techniques that prepare them for the mountain. They will enhance their strength, balance, stance, agility, and coordination while learning about safety, getting on and off a chairlift, and more. Our highly qualified instructors will teach your children all the skills needed to shred — just search for “kids camps near me” to find us.

A Safe Environment

At Shredder summer camps 2023 for kids, safety is our top priority. Before the lessons begin, we ensure your children have the correct protective gear and take the time to make sure the equipment is a good match for their age and height. Instructors do not wear ski gear, which makes it easier for them to move around and helps control children sliding down the hills on their skis and snowboards. We limit the class sizes so our instructors can be more attentive and hands-on with each student. We value the safe environment we create at our kid’s ski camps. Shredder is also a welcoming place where your child will feel comfortable enhancing their abilities and self-confidence in an inclusive environment.

Top-Notch Lessons

Our camps offer high-quality lessons from a team of instructors who love to ski and snowboard. With lessons built around industry-leading PSIA-AASI (Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors) principles, your child will be receiving some of the best lessons available.


Our summer ski and snowboard camps require no week or session-long commitments for kids. Accessibility is important to Shredder — we want to ensure as many kids as possible can experience the education and fun we provide during our summer camps. Choose between half-day and full-day classes that fit your family’s lifestyle.

A Fun, Memorable Experience

Who says learning can’t be fun? Your child will look forward to attending our kid’s camps near you because not only will they be enhancing their ski and snowboard skills, but they will also have a blast doing it. Shredder kids ski camps provide a social environment for your kids to make lifelong friends and precious memories. During our summer camps, your child will also have fun sledding, playing other games and sports, enjoying free play time, arts and crafts sessions, and depending on the location, exploring inflatable forts!

Skiing and snowboarding during the summer may sound too good to be true, but now you know what you can expect at ski and snowboard summer camps for kids. At Shredder, your child will look forward to this one-of-a-kind experience where they will expand their ski and snowboard skills, gain more confidence, and get physical activity in today’s sedentary world.