How To: Use Resistance Band For A 'Pull Up' With More Resistance

Posted on Jun 8, 2023

pull up with resistance band

Resistance band workouts are becoming more popular every day, as they offer an intense and effective workout that can be done at home. In this blog post, we will show you how to use a resistance band for a ‘pull up’ with more resistance, so you can get the most out of your workout.

Resistance Band Instructions

If you want to add some more resistance to your "pull up" routine, try using a resistance band. Resistance bands are easy to find and typically cost less than purchasing supplemental equipment like dumbbells or suspension trainers.

To use a resistance band for a "pull up," start by looping the band around two sturdy posts so that it is hanging down. Then position yourself above the band, grasping one end of the band with each hand. Pull yourself up until your body is fully extendedabove theband, and then release all of your grip on the band at once. Repeat this performancefor as many repetitions as desired.

How to use Resistance Band for a 'Pull Up' with More Resistance

Resistance bands come in all different shapes and sizes, so it can be hard to know how much resistance to use when performing a pull-up. To make the most of your band, start with a lower resistance and work your way up as needed.

To do a pull-up with more resistance using a resistance band, loop one end of the band around a sturdy post or beam and tie it off securely. Then just hold on to the other end of the band and perform your pull-up as usual. Be sure to use enough tension on the band to provide plenty of resistance! If you find yourself struggling to complete a full pull-up, reduce the tension on the band until you are able to complete the exercise.


Resistance bands provide an incredibly versatile tool for a variety of workouts, and they make pull-ups easier than ever. This tutorial will teach you how to use resistance band to increase the difficulty of your pull-up so that you can achieve stronger arms and more toned abs!

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